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Betsy is highlighted as client of the month at local strength studio: BW-PT

Betsy’s presence at BW-PT began with a challenge — a Skinny Jeans Challenge to be exact. Her entire office signed up and began taking group classes. By the end of the 45-day challenge Betsy had fallen in love with kettlebell training and found a wonderful instructor and classmates. After a short break she knew she had to get back “for her own good” and has stuck with a two class per week regimen since.

In addition to being a sweetheart of a person, Betsy is a wife, proud mother of three daughters, full-time Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT), recreational volleyball player, and active in her community. Although she works out to benefit herself, she likes that prioritizing health seems to have influenced her daughters as well– these days they are even more health-conscious than she is, Betsy reports with a smile.

Trainer Adam Lee makes it clear that working with Betsy is a privilege. “Her presence makes me a better coach, period. Betsy is a rare “trifecta client”– she is a great DPT and thus understands human movement, she is a great client, and she is a good person. Also, Betsy’s family is important to her and she easily translates that caring personality to the class around her and this helps create a bond within the class. A class that bonds together is family and I consider Betsy family in whatever class she attends.”

In her words: Favorite kettlebell moves? “Most of what we do is fun but Turkish Get Ups are a favorite.”

Any strength or conditioning goals you would like to share? “I would like to be able to swing the heaviest of the bells in the studio. I would also like to be able to do pistol squats one day…and a few proper push-ups.”

Any other thoughts? “We have a lot of fun in class and I always leave feeling better. Adam is truly an excellent instructor and really watches over us. He is great about knowing when we should back off or push harder. We have a wonderful relationship and I enjoy learning from him!”

Betsy you are a valued part of the BW-PT community and we can’t thank you enough for being such a positive force and great example. Here’s to you!

Restore has built a trusted relationship with BW-PT, and Adam trains many of our empl0yees and patients. To view the origanl article and and access BW-PT's website :

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