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  • Viraj Chang, MPT, CPI

Pilates Class

We are excited to introduce a new Pilates class taught by a physical therapist in the Restore Studio.

Align' Pilates Mat Class for Beginners Offered by Viraj Chang, MPT, CPI Certified Pilates Instructor Tuesday's @ 10-10:50 am May 3-June 21

Pilates is a scientifically proven strength and fitness routine that uses precise movements and diagphragmatic breathing techniques to create a revitalizing mind body workout. 'Align' is a Beginner Pilates mat program that will help reduce stress to the spine by toning the Abdominals and strengthening the back. This class will introduce the neutral spine, improve transverse abdominus control and strengthen mid back muscles in different positions. It will help improve overall flexibility, coordination and restore balance from the core to the extremities. As a physical therapist, my extensive background in rehabilitation expands on Pilates principles to create more body awareness, postural control and quality performance. Class size will be small as to eliminate faulty mechanics and enhance quality performance. I look forward to seeing you in class!

' 8 class pass $120 Drop in $20

Email: to reserve your spot.

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