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Lauren Kramer, PT, MPST, PYT-c, RYT-200

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Lauren has been a PT for 10 years. Her interest in movement began at the age of three when she started dance lessons and it never stopped.

She began her career in geriatrics working in skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. After 2 years, Lauren wanted some more adventure in her life and she began traveling PT where she gained experience working throughout the country in NJ, MA, CA, MD, and DC. As she traveled and learned more and more about herself and her career choice, she stumbled upon something new - pelvic floor PT. She became interested in this area in 2010 and decided make a big change from geriatrics. She began her training through Herman and Wallace, completing levels 1 and 2 and she hasn’t turned back.

Lauren found her true passion in pelvic health, treating women and men with complex pelvic issues for all ages. She furthered her education at Michigan State University School of Osteopathic Medicine learning muscle energy techniques for the spine and visceral mobilization through the Barrel Institute in order to complement the skills needed to treat the lumbopelvic and abdominal region. She has since added to her repertoire with yoga, finishing her 200 hour teacher training, as well as starting training through the Professional Yoga Therapy Institute to become a Professional Yoga Therapist. She has found so much enjoyment in combining yoga with PT and is excited to continue to build on this. She believes in integrated medicine to combine all facets of her patients’ lives - physical, psycho-social emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and energetic. She feels truly grateful to have found a way to combine her 2 passions, yoga and pelvic PT, and to be able to share this with her patients.


Pelvic Floor Conditions - urinary incontinence, pelvic pain, constipation, fecal incontinence, abdominal pain and bloating, sexual dysfunction; Pregnancy and Post-partum; Lumbopelvic, Spine, and Sacroiliac Joints; Muscle Energy Techniques; Visceral Mobilization

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