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Why we started Restore!

Kim Horton, PT & Kate Darne, Co- Owners

Our Story

Kim & Kate have worked for physical therapy practices for many years – Kim as an outpatient orthopedic therapist and Kate in practice management. Over the course of several months, the two discussed aspects that concerned them about the future of physical therapy. They noticed that patient care was becoming just another business, as practices hired large teams of Physical Therapy Assistants treating high volumes of patients. They saw that practices were looking more like impersonal gyms with patients mindlessly following exercise schedules. And they saw the complexities of health insurance often left patients confused and surprised by what they owed at the end of their treatment.

The two founded Restore in 2013 with the vision of setting a new standard in physical therapy. The idea was to build a practice from the ground up that was dedicated to providing the best and most comprehensive care to their patients. This started with hiring only exceptionally skilled and passionate physical therapists, and centering their approach to treatment around hands-on therapy. While exercise and strengthening are often necessities, Restore physical therapists are always close by. Shortly after opening the practice, Kim & Kate added yoga, Pilates and therapeutic massage as a way to continue the post-therapy healing and strengthening process. And finally, all Restore patients receive VIP scheduling and claim filing services which allows them to walk away feeling calm and relaxed.

With six successful years behind them, Kim & Kate are proud of what they have accomplished in setting a new standard in physical therapy.

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