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Meet Pierre - Massage Therapist

Pierre Pelletier CMT ~ Massage Therapist

Pierre grew up in the Rocky Mountain wilds of Aspen, Colorado. As a kid in Aspen, one does a lot of active things in the outdoors, so naturally, one also pushes his/ her limits in sports like skiing, cycling, mountain running, rock climbing and even some kiteboarding... An active life means some ups and downs with various injuries and conditions. Pierre found that Massage Therapy is highly effective in keeping one performing at their best in sport. To that end, he chose to pursue a sports-based bodywork practice.He has worked in massage therapy since 1994. Pierre has been privileged to work with incredible athletes for many years. But most importantly, he gets to share daily how high quality massage therapy can benefit one’s everyday performance- like reaching overhead for that last can of dog food on the top shelf. Putting on sock and shoes. Walking and moving with greater ease, fluidity, and balance. Living better!

Pierre's focus is on improved movement and function, decreased pain, and facilitated recovery from soft-tissue injury. No hot stones, no mud, no body wraps, just precise, well-applied anatomical massage therapy- without excessive pain.

Massage Modalities available:

Swedish technique massage therapy

NMR Neuromuscular release. Also known as Trigger point Therapy.

Myofascial release and re-education.

Fascial Stretch Therapy

ROCKTAPE Fascial Movement Taping

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