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Still Pressing on After Spinal Cord Injury

Laurie has been a patient at Restore for the past 5 years. She has worked everyday for the past 40 years to keep walking. Laurie has found that Pilates with Viraj is the the key to her success. If she has a set back, she uses physical therapy to get herself back on track. Last year Laurie wrote a book telling her story. It's a very inspirational read.

Throughout Laurie's book you will learn what it is like to have to have physical therapy every single day to just re learn life again.

At Restore we see patients all the time who have had a major surgery or injury, but they will heal and fully recover.

Laurie's story is different.

Laurie's book is available on Amazon.

It tells her story from the moment she dove into the pool up until present day, 40 years after her injury.

Since Laurie published her book last year she has been very busy. She has hosted a podcast, done a TedX Talk, countless interviews, articles and book signings.

Keep spreading the word Laurie, your

story is powerful! The impact of your "I can do anything" attitude has impacted us all in the most meaningful way.

When you teach a C6 Spinal Cord Injury survivor to use her abdominals in Pilates to blow up a balloon for the first time ever in 39 years!!! ~ Viraj

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