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COVID has become one big headache.  Literally.

If you’re like most Americans, you are now exclusively or more frequently working from home.  As an informed citizen, it is your job to understand and implement ergonomics that will keep you comfortable and safe at a desk.  Poor ergonomics may result in neck pain and/or cervicogenic headaches.  A cervicogenic headache is a headache that is caused from maladaptive posture and muscular tension and weakness.  If your headaches have gradually increased due to a change in posture, therapy can help you eliminate these headaches.  Seek therapy sooner rather than later for faster results!   Our therapists have established tips and tricks on how to improve your desk setup at home: 

1. Keep feet flat on the floor

2. Keep your buttock against the back of the chair

3. Place the top third of the monitor eye level

4. Ensure the monitor is arms width away from where you are sitting 

5. Place the keyboard and mouse so that your elbows can maintain a 90 degree angle 

Restore PT & Wellness follows all CDC guidelines.  All staff and patients must wear a mask to keep the risk of infection down.  Treatment tables are separated by more than 6 feet.  Tables along with all equipment are consistently wiped after every patient.

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