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Fight The Fall!

Falls are the number one health risk for seniors.

While it is estimated that one in four older adults fall annually, falls affect us all –from our loved ones to caregivers, impacting us physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Restore PT & Wellness/ FYZICAL Ashburn joins thousands of healthcare providers, to partner with the NCOA & CDC, for Falls Awareness month.

It’s important to know that falls are preventable. The following are some tips that you, or a loved one, can take to get started:

-Get an Annual Fall Risk Screening and discuss your fall history with a provider.

-Have your hearing and vision tested.

-Utilize an assistive device if you need help feeling steady when upright.

-Wear non-skid and supportive footwear.

-Continue to stay physically active.

Free fall risk screenings all month! Just call to schedule yourself or your loved one.

Give us a call at 571-291-9936 .

Love Your Life!

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