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  • Julia Smith, PT, DPT, OCS

Having aches and pains to your joints this fall?

Perhaps physical therapy can help! Arthritis can come in many different forms and can occur at all different ages.

What does arthritis actually mean?

  • Arthritis is described broadly as inflammation to the joint.

  • When joints wear out with use and age, osteoarthritis may occur. This arthritis is specific to the joints that have been overused.

  • There are other forms of arthritis, including rheumatoid arthritis. This arthritis occurs as a result of an autoimmune response and commonly affects many joints.

  • Regardless of the type, physical therapists specialize in treating this!

What should I expect from my therapist to help with my joint pain? 

  • At Restore PT & Wellness, your therapist will assess the joints above and below the joint you are having pain in. It is common for a joint to have arthritis because of faulty biomechanics and loading to a joint. The cause of your arthritis may be due to how your other joints move! In addition to treating your pain, the therapist will assess and treat flexibility restrictions, other joint restrictions, muscle weakness, posture, and movement dysfunctions. This will aid in preventing you from further degeneration to your joints and re-injury!

What are some helpful tips to reduce joint pain?

  • The exercises to perform depend on your irritability. In a broad sense, consider gentle oscillating movements that are pain free to loosen your joint. In the morning, the joints have more fluid build-up. Be mindful to only perform light exercises in the morning to avoid injury.

Can patients with joint pain predict the weather?

  • Barometric pressure may have an effect on joint pain! The theory suggests that as barometric pressure drops right before the weather changes, the lower pressure outside pushes less against your body. This allows tissues to expand, which then places pressure on joints and causes pain to be perceived. It is still a debated topic among the healthcare community.

  • For more information, here is a link from Harvard:

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