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  • Lauren Starace, PT, MPT,

Is your bladder controlling your life??

Did you know that peeing every hour or less is not normal? There are many reasons that people get to this place and come to physical therapy reporting that their bladder is ruling their life. These people know where every bathroom is in every store. If they go somewhere new, they immediately locate the bathrooms so they know where to go. This frequency often comes with urgency as well. You pull up to the house and suddenly you have to pee so so badly. You hear running water and you have to run to the bathroom. None of this is “normal”, but it is very common.

What can be done?

The bladder is trainable. In many cases, not all but many, the bladder has been trained to signal a person too often. This often happens when someone has gone to the bathroom “just in case” too often. Going just in case before a long car ride is one thing, but going just in case every time you leave the house or every time you see a bathroom is a bad habit and can lead to frequency.

Since the bladder can be trained to go too often, it can also be trained to go less often. Scheduling urination throughout the day on a plan set by a professional is a good place to start. Simply stopping the habit of going just in case can be very helpful. And, learning to control urges can help extend the time between bathroom trips.

Frequency can also come from muscles that are not functioning well - too tight and irritating, or too tight and not allowing the bladder to empty fully.

A pelvic floor physical therapist will do an evaluation to determine what could be causing the frequency and help you to find solutions.

Your bladder should not be controlling you! Call Restore to today so Lauren can help you get back in control.

Lauren Starace, PT, MSPT, PYT-c, RYT-200 Physical Therapist    Lauren has been a PT for 12 years.  Her interest in movement began at the age of three when she started dance lessons and it never stopped.  She began her career in geriatrics working in skilled nursing and assisted living facilities.  After 2 years, Lauren wanted some more adventure in her life and she began traveling PT where she gained experience working throughout the country in NJ, MA, CA, MD, and DC.   Lauren found her true passion in pelvic health, treating women and men with complex pelvic issues for all ages.  She furthered her education at Michigan State University School of Osteopathic Medicine learning muscle energy techniques for the spine and visceral mobilization through the Barrel Institute in order to complement the skills needed to treat the lumbopelvic and abdominal region.  She has since added to her repertoire with yoga, Lauren starting training through the Professional Yoga Therapy Institute to become a Professional Yoga Therapist.  She has found so much enjoyment in combining yoga with PT and is excited to continue to build on this.  Lauren feels truly grateful to have found a way to combine her 2 passions, yoga & pelvic PT, and to be able to share this with her patients.  Lauren does not participate or contract with any health insurance companies or Medicare.  This allows her the freedom to treat you according to your needs, not according to the insurance company's payment schedule. With private, hour-long, one-on-one sessions, Lauren will help get you independent and living your best life as quickly as possible.   A detailed receipt (superbill) will be provided for you to submit to your insurance or for your medical Flexible Spending Account.   

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