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Learn about who is keeping the stars dancing.

Gina Minchella has worked mostly behind the scenes as the physical therapist (PT) to

Dancing with the Stars since 2013. She talks with us about the challenges and solutions to keeping every dancer as safe and limber as possible and treating them when the show must go on. Gina also talks about using the show's high profile to create awareness of what physical therapy really is.

Gina T. Minchella, PT, DPT, received a doctor of physical therapy degree from the University of Southern California, and is a board-certified clinical specialist in orthopaedic physical therapy. Gina is also certified in Pilates. She has treated a wide variety of patients, from children to seniors, and has worked most often with professional athletes and performing artists. In 2015, she started her own niche practice to provide on-set physical therapy to the cast and crew of TV and film. When she’s not on the set of Dancing with the Stars, Gina tours with productions throughout the country, treats professional athletes at their training centers, and works with patients in her private practice in Hermosa Beach.

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