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  • Kate Darne

Let's talk about our techs!

The techs at Restore are an integral part of our clinic. They keep everything running smoothly to allow our therapists to have maxime time with their patients. The techs bring the patients back to tables for the therapists, make sure the therapists have everything they need, clean the treatment areas, help keep the therapist on schedule and assist with exercises when appropriate.

Meet Ali, Mary & Leslie

Ali Doiron: Full time tech.

Ali is a native Leesburg resident and a JMU graduate. Ali joined the Restore team after observing here for school credit. She then helped out in the summers and after graduation started here full time. In the summers Ali can be found coaching a swim team in Leesburg. Ali is in the process of applying to PT school.

Mary Reilly: Part time tech.

Mary joined the Restore 2 years ago. Mary has a background in hospitality and a keen interest in fitness. Mary has 2 sons, one in high school and one in college. When Mary isn't at Restore she is cheering for her boys on the lacrosse field.


Leslie Carlone: Part time tech

Leslie has been with our team for the past 2 years. Before joining Restore, Leslie was a nurse for 20 years. Leslie has twins

in middle school who keep her busy running between soccer,

basketball and softball practice.

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