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Manual Physical Therapist and Certified Pilates Instructor Offers a Revolutionary Approach

Viraj Chang, MPT, CPI 

Manual Physical Therapist, Pilates Based Rehabilitation Specialist, Pilates Instructor  Viraj has been practicing Physical Therapy in an Orthopedic setting for 15 years. Her past work experience includes the University of Maryland Medical Center and National Rehabilitation Hospital Outpatient Center.    

She is a Manual Therapist that performs hands on therapy including Muscle Energy Technique to resolve neck, mid back and low back pain.  She is an expert at pinpointing and alleviating muscle pain via her body work performing Deep Tissue Massage and Myofascial Release techniques to help alleviate symptoms. As a clinician her thorough evaluation gets to the root cause of the problem to resolve the underlying issues, not just treat the pain.  Clients are able to resolve their issues without the use of pain killers, prevent surgery and improve their quality of life.  

In addition, Viraj has had extensive training in Postural Restoration Technique and uses this technique in her Physical Therapy and Pilates practice.   Clients are able to are able to get to the origin of the problem by performing exercises to isolate muscle groups, restore asymmetries in the body and accelerate performance.  

Viraj has been providing pilates instruction as a fitness and rehab program for over 10 years.  Her top of the line Physical Therapy and Pilates Fitness program incorporates core strength training on the machines that gives your body a comprehensive work out.   

Her specialties include: women’s health and fitness, diastasis management and recovery, running injuries, training the female athlete, sacroiliac pain and dysfunction, low back pain, orthopedic injury, and spine rehabilitation.

Viraj believes in a holistic approach to rehab and wellness.  In addition to her Pilates practice, she has been practicing yoga including bikram and vinyasa styles for over 10 years.  She enjoys weight lifting, running and rowing.  She understands the challenge of living a balanced, healthy lifestyle while working and taking care of kids.  

Align. Activate. Accelerate. 

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