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Move Better. Feel Better. Live Better

Restore Physical Therapy & Wellness has partnered with FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Center to become Loudoun’s most comprehensive physical therapy practice. 

“With the rising number of seniors communities in our local area, we saw a need in the community and knew the addition of a specialized balance center would be a natural next step,” said Restore owner, Kate Darne.

The partnership with FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Center has added a dedicated, full time physical therapist who will focus on neurological issues including balance, fall prevention, vertigo and concussion therapy.  A portion of the existing 3,600 square foot facility has been outfitted with a safety overhead support system utilizing a harness suspended from ceiling-mounted rails. This allows patients to move freely throughout their therapy without the fear of falling.

While continuing to treat all orthopedic conditions, we are excited to add even more services.

Orthopedic & Neurological

•Surgery-Pre & Post

•Back & Neck Pain


Multiple Sclerosis

•Gait & Mobility

•Balance difficulties

•Peripheral Neuropathy

•Pelvic Floor



During the month of November, we are offering FREE FALL RISK assessments. Call us to schedule an appointment for you or a loved one.

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