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Role of physical therapist evolves, expands

Physical therapists examine patients and develop treatment plans to improve their ability to move, reduce or manage pain, restore function and prevent disability. That’s the job description straight from the American Physical Therapy Association.

For individuals who have suffered an injury, either through sports, a vehicle accident or fall, physical therapy is an extremely important step in their recovery journey.

At the FYZICAL Ashburn location, physical therapists provide a range of services, including:

•Balance therapy: enhances posture, strength, flexibility and endurance.

•Vestibular therapy: improves inner ear and balance disorders causing vertigo and dizziness.

•Orthopedic therapy:helps achieve pain-free daily activities and movements.

•Pelvic therapy: eliminates pelvic pain and problems controlling bladder and bowel movements.

•Laser therapy: treats injuries, wounds, swollen tissue, arthritis, tendonitis and more.

Many people underestimate, or perhaps are unaware of, the capabilities of physical therapists. The main goal is to optimize overall health and wellness so patients can love their life.

About the Author

Dr. Chris Mulvey, PT is president for company clinics at FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers, which has 405 locations in 45 states. For more information, please visit

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