"I am a strength and conditioning coach so my knowledge of anatomy and movement is above average yet this makes me particular about who works on my body in case of injury.  My standard is the reason I choose Restore PT.  From a nasty fall and resulting shoulder injury Betsy Scudder coached me through a mechanic-therapy diagnosis and dry needling rehab.  Betsy showed me flaws in my movement pattern based on tightness and lack of mobility in my t-spine and shoulders.  She then prescribed a homework regimen which had direct affect in my shoulder recovery.  Several weeks later I am back swinging on monkey bars and performing pull ups with very little

issue.  At my age (54) getting moving again in just weeks instead of months is a big deal. 

 The whole team at Restore PT is awesome!  Susan and Kate greet you like family at the front door.  Raven and Hope prep you with care.  And each PT welcomes you as if you are the only care in the world.   The only think lacking is a small coffee shop to relax in after the rehab session....maybe on their next expansion. "                 Adam Lee CSCS, NSCA-CPT

"I have nothing but incredible praise for the physical therapy that I received.  Kim was professional but also encouraging and warm hearter.  I am someone who will recommend her and her staff to others who might need her serviecs."             Suzanne S. 

"I have nothing but incredible praise for the physical therapy that I received.  Kim was professional but also encouraging and warm hearter.  I am someone who will recommend her and her staff to others who might need her serviecs."             Suzanne S. 

"I have nothing but incredible praise for the physical therapy that I received.  Kim was professional but also encouraging and warm hearter.  I am someone who will recommend her and her staff to others who might need her serviecs."             Suzanne S. 

“They are AMAZING! After 38 years as a Registered Nurse I have worked with many therapists. Today I had my first appointment with Kim, one of the owners. She is truly the best therapist I have ever met and received treatment from. Her knowledge base, supportive approach to treatment, and keen professional instinct gave me total hope! I left feeling improved and confident that healing was occurring. People need to know that a totally professional and personalized approach to treatment does exist and FAR outweighs the typical Physical Therapy centers you see everywhere, in which you are a number mainly treated by the assistants. I would HIGHLY recommend this practice to anyone considering their Physical Therapy options for current injury or post-operative recovery! They are extremely competitive and reasonable in cost especially for ALL that you receive in return! SO worth it.”              Debbie L.

"Restore Physical Therapy & Betsy are fantastic. They helped me understand my injury, worked with me patiently, but at the same time aggressive enough to notice improvements quickly "  

 "I have significant physical problems that won't ever completely disappear. I have "lived" with for 35+ years. With that as a starting point: Eve has helped me with EVERY SINGLE ache, pain and stiffness issue in my body. I can't thank her enough! "              Bruce T.            

After a fairly invasive synovial cyst removal and fusion at the L4/L5 level in April, I was left with a significant nerve injury in my right leg (the opposite side from where my pains as before the surgery), as well as the usual issues that result from spine surgery. I was beyond frustrated, but thanks to Restore PT and their skilled staff, I am about 90% back to full function. Thank you to Betsy and Kim for their wonderful expertise at designing treatments and exercise plans. A special shoutout to their intern Sam. (She will make an awesome physical therapist when she graduates from PT school.). Restore Physical Therapy is truly THE best when your or your family have any physical therapy needs.                 Lynn. P

“When I visited Kim back in September, I had so much pain in my sciatic nerve I could not stand or sit for more than a few minutes.  The pain radiated down my entire leg. Within 3 visits I was significantly more comfortable and the pain was around a 3 from a 10 when I began.  Over the past 2 months I  have returned to my exercise routine, 3-5 days a week and have been pain free! Considering where I began I cannot believe how rapidly I recovered, I could not have survived without Kim and her team"                     Pam H.

"Betsy is the best! I arrived here thinking surgery was inevitable...... I am leaving after all her talent, patience, kindness and knowledge, feeling like a new person! Over the years I've had PT for many issues & I've found Betsy & Restore the best!"            Nancy R.

"I have had a great experience working with Betsy. I've learned so much about how to manage my pain on a daily basis. The exercises I've learned have been so useful.  I think her muscle work/massage has been invaluable in releasing the tension in my back and neck and allowing the exercises to work to their full effect. I am feeling so much better!"            Sarah O.

I had spinal surgery, which left my left leg weak. This was the hardest thing I've ever had to deal with my entire life. I didn't know how I was ever going to get through it, through the Restore PT family (Kim, Kate, Raven, Besty, Lauren, Hope & Sue) through a very long journey they stuck right beside me, they got me back strong again, they rebuilt my strength & I am able to walk with no assisted devices and was able to regain my independence again. They made me feel like family from day one, and I will forever be grateful to you all! Thanks for giving me confidence and motivation to keep moving forward! Truly and forever grateful for Restore! I LOVE YOU GUYS!

                             Tosha C.


“I walked into Restore with the expectation that this would be an experience like the other PT places I’ve been to.  They schedule multiple people and towards the middle – end, they’d be so busy they’d just tell me to go ahead and do the exercises.  I wondered why I was there.  Not so at Restore.  I always received individual attention and as a result of Betsy’s efforts I’ve come further than I ever imagined!"

" Simply  the best!"            Kathleen F..

How do I fully communicate my love for this place?? I went to several other PTs before this one, and can wholeheartedly say this is by far our area's best. I saw Viraj, who was outstanding, and she successfully helped me decrease the frequency of terrible tension headaches though stretching and postural work. 

This place takes a holistic view on health, meaning they look at many factors behind the pain you're experiencing, not just taking a simple approach. For me, they incorporated shoe insoles (which they make for 50 bucks!!), postural rehabilitation, deep tissue massage, ultrasound technology, electrical stimulation, and Pilates and yoga moves to build core strength to permanently deal with the real problem. I know they also offer dry needling and other tools, too.  Can't recommend this place enough!!!! - 

Restore is not your average physical therapy practice. I noticed that the moment I walked in. The place was so clean & cheerful, decorated nicely with ample equipment & space. I have had PT many times over the years and always felt like I was just going through the motions & treated like a number. At Restore, I met Betsy who devised a plan & exercises designed to help me walk after a broken hip from a fall off a horse. I began In August barely able to walk with a walker. I have 3-3inch screws in my left hip. After 5 long months I just graduated from walking with a cane to walking on my own! Betsy really knows her stuff and always encouraged me when I was ready to give up and she is extremely kind. She kept it from being boring by doing different things each time. I was fortunate enough to have the pleasure of meeting Kim & she gave me lots of suggestions & tools to walk without pain. I also made a friend in Kate, a fellow mother of multiples. She & Sue who sit at the front desk always greeted me with a friendly smile and gave lots of encouragement. I cannot forget the wonderful techs Raven & Hope. They brought me the heavenly heat & ice & lively conversation. I always joked I came there just for the heat. I would highly recommend Restore to anyone in the need of a qualified, caring physical therapy practice that cares about the patient & helps you achieve your goals at the right pace for you. If I could give them more than five stars I would!

44927 George Washington Blvd, Suite 210

Ashburn, VA 20147


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